Thursday, September 15, 2011

What to do When Daddy is a Master Baker and Comes to Town

Mike (Brother), Michelle, and Mick (Father)
Last night my Dad stopped by on his way to Arizona.  I rarely see my father and so when he stops by I always want to have a nice dinner for him; but, even more important than dinner is dessert!  Why?  Because my father is a master baker.  Not only is he a master baker, but he is also well known in the baking industry.  Case in point, I am traveling in Pennsylvania and while visiting with some strangers the topic meanders to my maiden name and that my father was a baker.  All of a sudden the fellow's eyes light up and he says, "You aren't Mick Garbett's daughter are you?"  I say yes and he wildly begins shaking my hand, "It is a pleasure to meet you.  You know your father is a legend in the baking industry!"  Come to find out, this fellow works for some national bakery supplier.

Now you know the cause of my dessert anxiety.  Here is what I made for dessert last night.  I baked a pound cake, topped it with fresh picked peaches and raspberries and a generous serving of sweetened whipped cream.
I always get butterflies in my stomach when Dad begins the evaluation process.  My father does not  give out compliments freely; in fact, he can be harsh and brutally honest at times.  Finally after what seems like hours but is only minutes he announces, "Good job Sweetie!"  Dad then says that the flavors are balanced, the texture is moist etc.  I try to restrain myself from jumping up and down and letting out a victory cry.  I felt great!  However, the true compliment came when I found my dad in the kitchen quietly eating a second slice before going to bed.

Pound cake with fresh peaches and raspberries. 
Pound Cake recipe is in my latest book due to be released August 2012.

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