Saturday, September 24, 2011

Spaying micro-chipping at a fraction of the cost

Pickle Lilly a King Charles Cavalier

We decided it was time to spay and micro-chip our sweet little Pickle Lilly. I called around and prices for spaying, micro-chipping and vaccinations were close to $1200.00 at the high end and $600.00 at the lower end.  I couldn't believe it!  On my way to the grocery store I saw a store front sign that read, "Heartsong Spay and Neuter Clinic".  When I arrived home with my groceries I did a background check on the clinic and found out that there are Heartsong clinics throughout the country.

Being satisfied with what I had learned I called for a price check.  $25.00 for a micro-chip, $65.00 for the spaying and $10.00 for the vaccination.  I immediately made the appointment.  Much to my surprise there were no hidden fees.  The staff was friendly and professional.  Everything went smoothly!
If you are in the need of vet services consider Heartsong Spay and Neuter Clinics.

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