Friday, September 2, 2011

Free Lagoon Passes and a little pocket money can be yours!

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Have you ever wondered who operates Lagoon for the month or so before school is out?  You know, when the children have school Lagoon days?  It's stay at home parents!
One of the best kept secrets in Davis County for stay at home parents is Lagoon's pre-season/school day employment.  These special employees work a few hours each day staffing Lagoon for school field trips.  Employees receive wages, which is fine for pocket money; however, the real incentive is free season passes for your family.
Yes, you read correctly, free season passes for your family.

In a few months, Lagoon will begin accepting on-line applications.  DO NOT call or stop by.  Lagoon no longer has hiring fairs; applications are only accepted on-line.  Positions fill quickly.

 If you are interested in Lagoon's school days employment positions visit:

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