Saturday, September 10, 2011

Roast beef dinner for 8 for $5.04!

Went to Fresh Market and discovered a deal! 

Here's what you need to do to cash in on this great deal:
Purchase a roast at $3.49 a pound, clip the meal deal coupon from Fresh Market's advertisement,
and put the following items in your cart:
  • A Roast
  • 5 pound bag of potatoes-Free
  • 1 pound of mini carrots-Free
  • A dozen bakery rolls-Free
Ask for the Corona Fall Fooball $10.00 Rebate Offer (No beer purchase is required)

The store coupon gets you the free items listed above.  The Corona coupon gets you $10.00 off any meat or poultry purchase (Mail-in rebate).  That means before tax and after receiving my $10.00 rebate I will have paid $5.04 for the potatoes, carrots, rolls and roast! 

The meal deal coupon will expire by Tuesday and the Corona mail-in rebate expires 9/30/11 so don't delay!

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