Tuesday, September 6, 2011

But they just get dirty AGAIN!

My ten year marriage has been a wonderful blessing to my life and my children's lives.  My husband and I have assumed traditional gender based roles.  We assist each other when needed ; but, by and large, our family roles are straight out of the 1950's; I maintain the house and family and Trent goes to the office 8-5.  A few weeks ago, I began asking for help with the hardwood floors.  Trent dutifully swept and mopped the floors last week and exclaimed while leaning against the mop, "Housework sure is a good work out!"  I laughed out loud at his insightful revelation.
Proof that Trent cleaned the floors!

Yesterday, I asked Trent to once again clean the floors.  In the middle of sweeping Trent announced, "I don't get this.  I just cleaned the floors a week ago and now they are dirty again!  How does that happen?"  I let out a guffaw that could have been heard a block away and said, "Honey, that's the point, the house gets dirty and you clean it. It's like shaving, the hair on your face grows and you shave in the morning.  The next morning it's there again and so you shave again."  We both laughed and then I added, "You should try doing the laundry sometime.  You work all day tackling a mountain of laundry and then by nightfall the basket is already regenerating more dirty clothes.  OR better yet, let's talk about the kitchen sink.  I wash the dishes at night and within five minutes of closing the dish washer a dirty glass mysteriously appears in the sink!"

All night long we laughed and poked each other about how I should get a grant and study the mysteries of regenerating house work and how eerie magically appearing dust, plates and dirty clothes are.  In the end we surmised that it is nothing short of perfect job security!

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  1. LOL! Hooray for Trent! I love the picture you took of him--great proof! ;)


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