Friday, September 30, 2011


Lately, I have had numerous people ask me to post when I see or hear of jobs in the community. 
This seems to be a beneficial endeavor and so, below are some job openings I came across while running my errands.
  • Office Depot in Bountiful is hiring
  • Macey's Department Store is hiring for seasonal help
  • The post office is hiring data entry personnel
  • The Home Depot is hiring bi-lingual employees

If you love deals and you love to cruise this website is for you

Vacations To Go!  They specialize in cruising.

Be sure to take a look at their unbelievably priced "Fast deals." 

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Life should be lived!

Fishing in the Uintas with my Izzie Belle
Our family is always going and doing and one of my best resources for finding out what is going on in Utah is to check out  You will find maps, events, and even deals!  If you are not from Utah be sure to check out your home state website; I know you will be glad you did!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Probably the number one question I get asked at demonstrations is where do you buy your grains?  I am not loyal to any one store.  I price shop; however two stores which typically have the lowest prices on bulk grains are Leland Milling 801-318-5052 and Bountiful Nutrition 801-298-7076.  But whatever you do ALWAYS price check!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

More Paris Deals

For those of you that took advantage of the Virgin Travel $979.00 deal this week you might want to check out Viator's Eiffel Tower tours.  They are 50% off!

When we went to Cancun we took many tours through Viator.  Here's an example of what we paid.  $58.00 for an all inclusive day at Xel Ha; others we spoke to paid $138.00!
  Check out  I always do!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Curing Squash

This weekend I was approached by a neighbor who politely asked why I had all of my squash lined up.  I told him I was curing my squash so they would last through the winter.  It was then that I discovered that this common knowledge might not be so common.  Here are some squash tips:
  • Leave some of the stem on the squash and it will last longer
  • Once squash has been cut place outside in moderate temperatures and free from moisture for two weeks.
  • When storing squash in your basement place in mesh bags or on boards, never on cement.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Spaying micro-chipping at a fraction of the cost

Pickle Lilly a King Charles Cavalier

We decided it was time to spay and micro-chip our sweet little Pickle Lilly. I called around and prices for spaying, micro-chipping and vaccinations were close to $1200.00 at the high end and $600.00 at the lower end.  I couldn't believe it!  On my way to the grocery store I saw a store front sign that read, "Heartsong Spay and Neuter Clinic".  When I arrived home with my groceries I did a background check on the clinic and found out that there are Heartsong clinics throughout the country.

Being satisfied with what I had learned I called for a price check.  $25.00 for a micro-chip, $65.00 for the spaying and $10.00 for the vaccination.  I immediately made the appointment.  Much to my surprise there were no hidden fees.  The staff was friendly and professional.  Everything went smoothly!
If you are in the need of vet services consider Heartsong Spay and Neuter Clinics.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Paris is for lovers! Why not treat your valentine sweetheart to Paris?

Virgin Vacations has a trip to charming Paris that includes a flight, 6-night stay, and breakfast from $979. Travel select dates, November 3, 2011-March 22, 2012.
This is a deal and a half! 

Sometimes even a die hard Ute fan needs to acknowledge that Cougars are doing great things for the family!

My daughter is attending law school at BYU.  My husband graduated from BYU many years ago.  Our oldest son is studying computer science and linguistics at BYU; sometimes I feel a little picked on being the only Ute in our household.  I tell Trent that our intramarriage conflict has damaged some of our children.  Take the twins for example.  My favorite color is Ute red and my husband's favorite color is Cougar blue.  Where do our twins go to school?  Weber State.  What is Weber's color?  Purple, a color when red meets blue.  I rest my case!

Speaking of resting cases, BYU law students are hosting their annual Students for the Family Symposium, October 28th and 29th.  For more information and/or to register OR volunteer for the event, visit or email questions to

Please show your support for this wonderful event!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Be insurance wise when dealing with wisdom teeth

Fortunately for my biological children, I have pass along fairly straight teeth that develop few cavities.  Unfortunately, I have also passed along jaws that are too small to accomodate wisdom teeth.  About three weeks ago, Adam said he thought his wisdom teeth were coming in.  I told him to chew on cold vegetables to ease the pain.  Adam's announcement triggered the Queen of Common Cents into thinking about dental coverage.

I wondered if there was a difference in coverage for teeth that were impacted vs. teeth that had erupted through the gum line.  I called our dental insurance and what an eye opener that was!

Come to find out, if a tooth erupts through the gum line our insurance will only pay $19-$24 per tooth; however, if the tooth is impacted they will pay 100%.  Not even a co-pay!  At hearing this I immediately made an appointment with a reputable oral surgeon.  I explained that I needed a consultation ASAP because it was a matter of paying $2300.00 out of my pocket vs. paying nothing for the surgery.

The recpetionist said, "I know you live in Kaysville, but we can squeeze you in tomorrow if you are willing to drive to our Bountiful office.  Are you okay with that?" At hearing she was concerned about a 20 minute drive I almost laughed out loud and said, "Honey, you don't know who you're dealing with!  I would drive down to Aba Dhabi to save $2300.00."  In reality I thanked her and immediately told Adam not to chew on cold vegetables because we were racing against the clock and I didn't want the tissue to be compressed and his wisdom teeth peeking through the gums.  He started to complain and I firmly said, "MONEY AND OUT OF POCKET EXPENSES EQUAL CODING!  And I needed an IMPACTION CODE!"  Adam just muttered, "Whatever" and grabbed a cheese stick out of the refrgerator.

The next day our appointment went well.  The surgeon said that all four of Adam's wisdom teeth were impacted and would not come to the surface for many months.  Just to be on the safe side, I took the next available surgical appointment because this is our child that grew 4 inches in one summer!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Big savings on Tires at Pep Boys!

This week we needed to buy tires for our truck.  Trent called many tire stores.  To my surprise an aggressive tire, even on sale, was going to cost around $225.00 for each tire.  Spending $900.00 on tires seems like a lot of money; everyone I talked to said it was actually a good deal.

Enter the King of Common "Cents", A.K.A. Trent Snow!

The King of Common "Cents".
Ladies you can't imagine what I had to do to get him to wear his kingly apparel for the blog!

Trent thought to call a store called Pep Boys.  They were offering between the dates of September 12th - October 16th the following special:

  • Buy four tires get one free (mail-in rebate)
  • $40.00 in-store gift card
  • Free alignment check
  • Free road hazard warranty
  • Free life-time rotation, balances and repairs
The King saved us $365.00!!!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Green River Watermelons Four Pounds for a Dollar

Macey's in Orem has Green River Watermelons on sale four pounds for a dollar!

Family of Four Ski for $655.00 at Wolf Mountain

Adam at Wolf Mountain when he was in elementary school

Family of four only $655 (each add child $75)
Student only $175 (K-College)
Individual only $270

20% discount for military, fire & police w/ID

Passes can be purchased online or can be purchased at Pineview Lodge M-Fri (during normal business hours) at 3923 N. Wolf Creek Drive in Eden (next to the golf course).

Call for more info: 801-745-3737

Monday, September 19, 2011

101 on Meat Grading

Just the other day I was visiting with my Fresh Market butcher, Kelly, about meat grading.  This is what he had to say.  There are three grades of meat available in US grocery stores; they are "Prime" cuts, "Choice" cuts, and "Select" cuts. 

Prime cuts of meat are the very best.  They are also the most expensive cuts of meat and are typically sold to restaurants.  Kelly said a few specialty grocery stores carry Prime cuts; however most do not due to the high price and small consumer demand.  I asked Kelly what he meant by the "very best".  He said Prime cuts of meat have more fat marbling and as a result are juicier and more tender than other cuts of meat.

Choice cuts of meat are what most of us purchase in grocery stores.  These cuts of meat have less marbling than Prime cuts but are still juicy and tender.

Select cuts contain the least amount of marbling and as a result may be tougher and less juicy requiring stewing or braising cooking methods.  On a more positive side, Select cuts of meat are nutritious, leaner, and less expensive than other cuts of meat.

Helpful hint: Talk to your butcher about any meat question you may have such as special orders, nutrition, cooking methods, and recipes, to name a few.  Butchers have a wealth of knowledge and are very happy to share that knowledge with their customers!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Newspaper end rolls the options are limitless

DYK you can purchase newspaper end rolls at most newspaper offices for $8.00 or less?  You may be thinking, "Who would want to buy end rolls of paper?"  I do! Because I use them for all sorts of purposes.  For instance, covering picnic tables.
Cover picnic table with newspaper end roll and secure with masking tape.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

$2.99 for Tillamook Ice Cream- TODAY only at Fresh Market

I love Tillamook ice cream!  Fresh Market has Tillamook ice cream on special for $2.99 a half gallon today only!  Be sure to ask the cashier for your discount coupon.

Planetarium Memberships are an Incredible Value...Even for Old Duffers!

Last week Trent was in charge of planning our date night and he took me to the Clark Planetarium at the Gateway to see the movie Born to be Wild
Excellent choice you would say if you knew that every Sunday when I was a little girl, way before the three hour block was instituted, my parents would gather us for ice cream and to watch Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom with none other than Marlin Perkins and his amazing side-kick Jim.  Marlin's role was more of "educator" and Jim was the handsome barefoot hunk who wrestled alligators and the like.  IT WAS WONDERFUL!
Well, my parents have often wondered if we watched a little to much Wild Kingdom because my brother and I love animals.  I bought for my children cats, dogs, rabbits, ducks, horses, snakes, crabs, hamsters, fish, birds and hedge hogs, to name a few. Why so many?  My parent's speculate that it was because the Wild Kingdom was taken off of the air and I was desperately trying to give my children a "Wild Kingdom" our home! Their suspicions were confirmed when I took the children to the zoo and aviary once a week starting at 6 weeks after birth and they weren't given shoes until they were two years of age!
Anyway, back to our date.  When we arrived Trent and I commented that there were many other movies we wanted to see.  Trent suggested that we also watch Sea Rex.  We bought our tickets at $8.00 a piece, $32.00 for both movies.  As we were turning to leave the ticket desk I noticed a annual membership flyer. 
At the Clark Planetarium they offer Duo $49.00, Family $99.00 for 5 people and Super Family $149.00 for 8 Memberships. We were interested in the Duo membership, especially when we saw all of the benefits for only $49.00.  We asked if we could purchase an annual membership and apply the $32.00 worth of movie tickets we just purchased to the cost of the annual membership.  The answer was yes.
Here's what the basic package includes:
  • Free admission to all Hansen Dome Theater shows and most IMAX documentaries
  • 15% science store discount (excluding telescopes)
  • 15% concessions discount
  • Free medium popcorn with each movie
  • Invitations to exclusive member events
  • Clark Planetarium monthly e-newsletter
  • Blocks of 10 tickets for $50.00 to either IMAX documentary films or Dome Theater Shows
  • 10% discount on Discovery Gateway memberships
  • Free or discounted admission to more than 290 ASTC museums worldwide.

The movies and popcorn were great and Trent was relieved because for a year he has a fall back plan for date night.
Helpful hint: Parking validation reduced our parking fee to $1.00

Friday, September 16, 2011

Two Free Annual Memberships to the Living Planet Aquarium!

Now you can get two annual memberships to The Living Planet Aquarium for free. Simply visit any Mountain America branch and open a new account (checking, youth, savings, Visa Credit Card or a loan), and the passes are yours.

If you already have an account open a second.  It is free, takes very little time and is a great way to manage your money for special events or just general savings!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

What to do When Daddy is a Master Baker and Comes to Town

Mike (Brother), Michelle, and Mick (Father)
Last night my Dad stopped by on his way to Arizona.  I rarely see my father and so when he stops by I always want to have a nice dinner for him; but, even more important than dinner is dessert!  Why?  Because my father is a master baker.  Not only is he a master baker, but he is also well known in the baking industry.  Case in point, I am traveling in Pennsylvania and while visiting with some strangers the topic meanders to my maiden name and that my father was a baker.  All of a sudden the fellow's eyes light up and he says, "You aren't Mick Garbett's daughter are you?"  I say yes and he wildly begins shaking my hand, "It is a pleasure to meet you.  You know your father is a legend in the baking industry!"  Come to find out, this fellow works for some national bakery supplier.

Now you know the cause of my dessert anxiety.  Here is what I made for dessert last night.  I baked a pound cake, topped it with fresh picked peaches and raspberries and a generous serving of sweetened whipped cream.
I always get butterflies in my stomach when Dad begins the evaluation process.  My father does not  give out compliments freely; in fact, he can be harsh and brutally honest at times.  Finally after what seems like hours but is only minutes he announces, "Good job Sweetie!"  Dad then says that the flavors are balanced, the texture is moist etc.  I try to restrain myself from jumping up and down and letting out a victory cry.  I felt great!  However, the true compliment came when I found my dad in the kitchen quietly eating a second slice before going to bed.

Pound cake with fresh peaches and raspberries. 
Pound Cake recipe is in my latest book due to be released August 2012.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Joann's Fabric and Craft Supplies

Joann's Fabric on-line store is having a fabric sale with free shipping on all orders of $40.00 or more.  This is a great time to stock up on fabric to make your children's Halloween costumes.
Here's the discount code: NSM259
This is my costume for our annual Thanksgiving turkey shoot contest.  I bought this from a costume shop.
We have the BEST Thanksgiving parties.  I'll tell you more about what we do come November!

Rent a Condo for $336.00 a Week During Endless Vacation Rentals' Fall Sale!

Michelle and a 95 year old local woman in Cancun

I have rented condos from Endless Vacation Rentals and the deals can't be beat!  When we went to Cancun I rented a beach side condo for $329.00 a week.  This year I am renting a 3 bedroom condo with a full kitchen for $339.00 a week...and it is next door to Disney World! 
If you're interested in renting a condo, you might want to check out their website:,60&id1=OM_Hotwire&id2=FallSavings

Today I'm Talkin' Turkey. The Country that is!

The Snow family loves to travel!  Because of this genetic trait I begin planning our next vacation as soon as we land from the last vacation.  Here is a vacation to Turkey that has sparked my interest.
This package is offered through Gate 1 Travel -$1399 from NYC
Escorted Package Includes
  • Round trip flights NYC-Istanbul
    Other departure cities available. Click on date of departure for selection and prices
  • Airline fuel surcharges
  • 11 nights First Class accommodations
    • 3 nights Istanbul
    • 1 night Canakkale
    • 2 nights Kusadasi
    • 1 night Pamukkale
    • 1 night Konya
    • 2 nights Cappadocia
    • 1 night Ankara
  • All transfers
  • 18 meals: 11 breakfasts, 7 dinners
  • Sightseeing per itinerary in modern air-conditioned motor coach
  • Services of English-speaking tour manager throughout
  • Entrance fees per itinerary

Special Features
  • City of Troy
  • Asclepion at Pergamum
  • Ancient city of Hieropolis
  • Mausoleum of Kemal Ataturk, Ankara
Helpful hints: 
#1- Here's a code to get an additional $100.00 off the already amazing price.  The code is TTKY100
#2- Here's the web-address-
#3- There are some great airfares being offered to NYC this fall.

Ed Kenley Ford Quick Lane A Great Place for Car Repairs

Growing up I was taught by my parents never to take a car to a dealership for repairs.  My parents said they were over priced.  I believed them...that is until this week. 

My car needed an oil change.  Ed Kenley Ford Quick Lane had the best price for a synthetic blend oil change ($19.95).   In fact, they beat the price I normally pay for an oil changed by $20.00.

Later in the week my car battery died and Trent found the best deal for an installed battery at Ed Kenley Ford Quick Lane.  The price was about $20.00 less than the lowest priced competitor. The employees were courteous and professional to boot!

Two days ago our son's Subaru began to leak anti-freeze.  Trent thought it was the water pump.  He called around and guess where he found the best price?  Ed Kenley Ford Quick Lane.  The price was $50.00 less than the lowest priced competitor. 

Now for the unheard in this day and age.  While working on the water pump the mechanic discovered a leaking gasket on the thermostat and  a problem with the timing belt tensioner.  Believe it or not, they repaired the timing belt tensioner and the leaking gasket for free!  The only additional charge was $2.00 for the gasket.  No labor charges! 
Next time you need car repairs check out your local dealership; you just might be surprised!
In fact, if you live in Davis County, I would definitely check out Ed Kenley Ford Quick Lane:

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Recycling Plastic Linen Bags

There are probably 101 different things you can do with the zippered plastic bags that sheets and comforters come in.  I use them to carry my picnic supplies.

Kudos for Fresh Market

Trent having fun on the Wave Runner

A week ago we had our immediate family's summer get-together at the lake. It was wonderful because all  of our children came home!  In preparation for the picnic I called my local Kaysville Fresh Market and asked the bakery how early the French bread and bagels come out of the oven.  She said 8 am.  I was disappointed because we were leaving at 7 am and to be honest, I was too tired from all of my home canning to make them myself.
What came next surprised me.  The bakery lady asked why I asked and I told her that we were leaving at 7 am for a family outing.  She the said, "No problem!  We will bake them early for you. "  I said, "But I only want 2 loaves of French bread and a dozen bagels."  She said that was fine and she would see me at 7 am.  NOW THAT'S SERVICE!
That night I asked the family what they wanted to BBQ.  They all agreed on pork chops. This was great because pork chops were on sale for $2.49 a pound. Later in the evening, I went to the meat department and couldn't find pork chops thick enough. My family likes 1 inch chops. As I was pondering what to do, the butcher, Kelly approached me and asked if I needed any help.  I told him that I needed thicker pork chops, one inch to be exact.  He said," No problem; how many would you like?"  I then asked if the price would increase.  He told me no and in no time at all I had 12 one inch pork chops in my shopping cart.  Here's what else he did without me even asking, he actually double plastic wrapped them so there wouldn't be any leakage in my picnic cooler.  NOW THAT'S SERVICE!

Toms, the new teen rage!

My son loves Toms. When you look at a pair of Toms you will say, "There's nothing to these shoes!  Why are they so expensive?"  According to my son you are paying for comfort.  He says, "They feel like you don't have anything on your feet."  Hum, I say, " $70.00 a pair tells me you have a lot of something on your feet...and they better last."
Well, before you go to the mall and buy your teenager a pair of Toms for $70.00, check out Blindside.  Blindside is a skateboarding shop (locations throughout the valley and on-line shopping too) and they sell the exact same shoe for $42.00!  Yes, $42.00!!!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Tips for Tender Steaks

  1. Pat beef steaks dry with paper towels for better browning
  2. Turn steaks with tongs.  A fork pierces the beef allowing loss of flavorful juices.
  3. Salt beef after cooking or browning.  Salt draws out moisture and inhibits browning.
Compliments of Take Me Out to the Ball Game by National Cattle's Beef Association

Steak Substitution

DYK that the following steaks may be substituted in a recipe?
  • Ribeye
  • Strip loin
  • Tenderloin
  • T-bone
  • Porterhouse
Compliments of Take Me Out to the Ball Game by National Cattle's Beef Association

    Roses and candy delivered for $19.99

    Sending roses and candy with a special note is always a thoughtful way to make someone's day special.  Today you can make someone's day special and it won't cost you an arm and a leg!  FTD's email special includes:
    • 1 dozen roses
    • Vase
    • 4 piece box of chocolates
    • Message card
    THIS SPECIAL DOES NOT INCLUDE SHIPPING AND HANDLING.  I paid some where around $20.00 last time I ordered.

    Here's the link:

    Sunday, September 11, 2011

    Utah State Fair KUTV Night

    Monday is KUTV Discount night; adult admission $7.00. 
    Wrist bands to ride the carnival rides are buy 1 get 1.
    And the Meadow Gold Ice Cream Festival begins at 3:00.
    See you at the Fair!

    Helpful hint:  I have 2 free admission tickets to the Utah State Fair that I won't be using.  The first person that messages me on Facebook can have them.

    Saturday, September 10, 2011

    Roast beef dinner for 8 for $5.04!

    Went to Fresh Market and discovered a deal! 

    Here's what you need to do to cash in on this great deal:
    Purchase a roast at $3.49 a pound, clip the meal deal coupon from Fresh Market's advertisement,
    and put the following items in your cart:
    • A Roast
    • 5 pound bag of potatoes-Free
    • 1 pound of mini carrots-Free
    • A dozen bakery rolls-Free
    Ask for the Corona Fall Fooball $10.00 Rebate Offer (No beer purchase is required)

    The store coupon gets you the free items listed above.  The Corona coupon gets you $10.00 off any meat or poultry purchase (Mail-in rebate).  That means before tax and after receiving my $10.00 rebate I will have paid $5.04 for the potatoes, carrots, rolls and roast! 

    The meal deal coupon will expire by Tuesday and the Corona mail-in rebate expires 9/30/11 so don't delay!

    Wood stove glass cleaner

    I was at the Utah State Fair last night and a wood stove salesman told me that the best way to clean the glass inside a wood burning stove was to spray the glass with windex and then dab your cloth in the ashes and rub it clean.  I have never heard of this.  Please comment if you have ever tried it and what the results were.

    Friday, September 9, 2011

    Gross liquid detergent cups can be eliminated using this simple trick

    This is a staged photo.  My relative wouldn't let me take a photo of her filthy detergent cup.

    The other day I saw a relative's liquid detergent cup covered in dried liquid detergent and tipped over.  I asked her what was going on with the detergent cup?  She said she tried cleaning it once in the kitchen sink and the bubbles wouldn't stop.  So she doesn't bother rinsing it out anymore.  I suggested that she try what I do.  I put the cup in my washing machine with a batch of clothes.  The light bulb went on above her head!
    Helpful hint: Be sure to remove the cup after the wash cycle or it will clank in the clothes dryer.

    Thursday, September 8, 2011

    Come see our farewell demonstrations at the Utah State Fair!

    Here's some ways to save on your family's admissions to the Utah State Fair.

    Discount State Fair Admission Tickets Available at Smith's Food and Drug Checkouts for $7 beginning August 1, 2011, through September 18, 2011. Save $3 on Adult Gate Admission.

    Advance Discount Regular Carnival Wristband Voucher also available at Smith's Food and Drug Checkouts for $20 beginning August 1, 2011 and ending at midnight September 7, 2011. Save $5 with pre-fair purchase.

    $5 OPENING DAY SPECIAL, THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 8, 2011. Thermwise invites everyone age 6 and older to attend opening day of the Utah State Fair for only $5 ! Age 5 and under are FREE (everyday!) $5 admission also includes Utah's Own PRCA Rodeo at 7:00 pm.

    PATRIOT DAY, SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 11, 2011 - As a "Thank You" to those who selflessly serve our state and country, all military, law enforcement and emergency services personnel, with proper identification, will be admitted FREE on Patriot Day.

    2 for 1 Greek Festival Tickets. Opa!

    Need something fun to do this weekend?  Try the Greek Festival and don't forget to print your 2 for 1 coupon!

    SkinCeuticals 20% Discount

    SkinCeuticals is offering a 20% discount and if the order is over $49.00 there is free shipping!
    Discount code: SKINCEUTICALS20

    Pace's Drive-in (Layton location) is offering 50 cent hamburgers. Today only!

    Scorched Pan Remedy

    I scorched the bottom of my stock pot last night.  Instead of scrubbing the bottom of the pot until my elbows hurt, I used  a little dish washer detergent. 
    Here's how:
    1. Cover the scorched area with dish washer detergent.  Make sure it is an enzyme based formula as chlorine detergents won't do the job.
    2. Allow to sit for several hours or over night.
    3. Wash pot by hand. 
    You will be amazed how easily the scorched food washes away.

    Scorched pan being treated with enzyme based dish washer detergent

    Yeti Passes are here!

    The Yeti Pass is one of Utah's best kept secrets.  100 lucky people can ski/snowboard one time at every resort in Utah for $499.00.  This is a great deal for a family, especially if you combine it with the 5th and 6th grade pass.  If you are interested don't wait because they sell out fast!
    For more information and the application visit:

    5th and 6th Graders ski 14 resorts for $25.00 handling fee!

    Sixth grade snowboarding buddies: Aaron, Adam, Justin, and Taylor

    If you love skiing and snowboarding like our family does you are already waiting to ski on the "Greatest Snow on Earth"!  When our children were young we took advantage of the 5th and 6th grade passport program.  There aren't any strings attached and you really only pay a one time $25.00 handling fee.  In my opinion it is the "Greatest ski deal on earth to ski the greatest snow on earth!"
    Check it out

    Wednesday, September 7, 2011

    4 nights and airfare to Hawaii for only $654.00!

    Here's the link:

    Do you have a high school student enrolled in concurrent college courses? If you do, you may be missing out on some fabulous savings!

    Did you know that high school students enrolled in concurrent enrollment college courses receive all of the benefits of "regular college" students?  They do!

    This means that they can receive special promotional benefits like the one we just found for our high schooler.  We bought a Mac computer at the college bookstore.  Here's how we benefited:

    • Good price on the computer
    • A free wireless printer offered by the college bookstore
    • Free ink cartridge for the printer
    • A $100.00 apps card from Apple (College student special)
    • Oh!  And we didn't have to pay sales tax!
    Helpful hint: Remember to bring your child's college student ID number

    Free Shipping on Sewing Machines!

    Joann fabric and craft is having a good deal on shipping.  Sewing machines are on sale and they ship free!   PROMO CODE: KBBH253

    Tuesday, September 6, 2011

    Cruise deal!

    Viking River Cruises offering companions fly and cruise for free!
    Check out the link:

    South West Airlines is offering $59.00 one way flights!

    Today through Thursday South West Airlines is offering $59.00 one way flights.
    Check it out at www.

    Peach Delight!

    Yesterday my dear daughter juiced 3 pounds of lemons and 3 pounds of limes for me.  While she was juicing Trent came inside from working in the yard and was very hot and thirsty.  I decided to make a new drink that would be delicious and refreshing for him.  Here's the recipe:
    1/2 cup lemon juice
    1/2 cup lime juice
    1 cup sugar
    3 cups water
    2 cups ice
    1 large peach or 2 medium peaches
    Combine all ingredients in a blender or food processor and blend until smooth.

    But they just get dirty AGAIN!

    My ten year marriage has been a wonderful blessing to my life and my children's lives.  My husband and I have assumed traditional gender based roles.  We assist each other when needed ; but, by and large, our family roles are straight out of the 1950's; I maintain the house and family and Trent goes to the office 8-5.  A few weeks ago, I began asking for help with the hardwood floors.  Trent dutifully swept and mopped the floors last week and exclaimed while leaning against the mop, "Housework sure is a good work out!"  I laughed out loud at his insightful revelation.
    Proof that Trent cleaned the floors!

    Yesterday, I asked Trent to once again clean the floors.  In the middle of sweeping Trent announced, "I don't get this.  I just cleaned the floors a week ago and now they are dirty again!  How does that happen?"  I let out a guffaw that could have been heard a block away and said, "Honey, that's the point, the house gets dirty and you clean it. It's like shaving, the hair on your face grows and you shave in the morning.  The next morning it's there again and so you shave again."  We both laughed and then I added, "You should try doing the laundry sometime.  You work all day tackling a mountain of laundry and then by nightfall the basket is already regenerating more dirty clothes.  OR better yet, let's talk about the kitchen sink.  I wash the dishes at night and within five minutes of closing the dish washer a dirty glass mysteriously appears in the sink!"

    All night long we laughed and poked each other about how I should get a grant and study the mysteries of regenerating house work and how eerie magically appearing dust, plates and dirty clothes are.  In the end we surmised that it is nothing short of perfect job security!

    Monday, September 5, 2011

    Bra Sale

    If you need bras now's the time.  JC Penneys is having a 50% off bra sale.  Couple this great deal with the on-line discount code I posted a few days ago and you can get your bras for up to 65% off.

    Need a new idea for your Labor Day picnic?

    During the summer we picnic at the lake a couple times a week. Our typical picnic menu is either hot dogs, chicken, pork chops, ribs, hamburgers or steaks. Over time even my meat eaters get tired of grilled meats. So here's an idea that has added variety to our summer picnics.

    Summer Pasta Bar!

    Cooked pasta (When I make pasta salad I usea combination of vegetable pasta and wheat pasta for the fun colors)
    Assorted chopped vegetables, carrots, red cabbage, green onions, cilantro, celery, shredded zucchini etc.
    Cherry tomatoes
    Canned black olives
    Canned artichoke hearts
    Canned mushroom
    Pickled beats
    Red kidney bean
    Feta cheese
    Mozzarella cubes
    Chicken tenders, cooked and sliced
    Salmon, cooked and flaked
    Salad shrimp, cooked and well rinsed
    Bottled salad dressing (Some of our favorites are catalina, cheesy Italian or poppy seed)

    Directions:  The night before prepare pasta, vegetables, and cook the salmon and chicken tenders.  Place in plastic containers and refrigerate.  Next morning pack containers in picnic cooler with plenty of ice.  When it is time for lunch set up your pasta bar and everyone is happy because they can fix it THEIR WAY!

    Sunday, September 4, 2011

    A Years Worth of Wonderful Family Entertainment for only $49.95

    This summer we bought our Pass of all Passes and have enjoyed baseball, Trafalga and soon snow skiing at Brighton all for a one time fee of $49.95 per person.

    BE SURE TO READ THE FINE PRINT AS THERE ARE LIMITATIONS AND EXCLUSIONS.  For instance, skiing at Brighton is valid on select week days.  Also the Pass of all Passes' venues change periodically; and as such, events that were offered when we bought our passes may not be available during the current promotional event.
    Check out the website below and see if the Passes of  All Passes is right for you and your family.  and use promotional code: HOMETOWN

    Halloween costumes 25% off and free shipping!

    Halloween is just around the corner.  Now is the time to get free shipping and 25% off!
    The code is: BOGO25
    One of my favorite Jack-O'lanterns



    Friday, September 2, 2011

    Price dropped $30.00 more dollars! Now $326.00 R/T Salt Lake City to Honolulu!

    This is unbelievable, round trip airfare Salt Lake City to Honolulu $326.00 Travelocity FareWatcher! 

    Great website for reduced prices on T.V.s, Cameras, and Laptops!

    Today I received an email from a good friend, Rick Willoughby, he shared a wonderful website devoted to T.V.s, cameras and laptops.  The prices are very good.  Historically, Labor Day has been a big shopping day for Americans and so I thought I should share this web site with you ASAP!
    The web address is:

    And this weekend while you are relaxing and enjoying a cool lemonade check out Rick's blog. I'm certain you will enjoy it!

    JC Penneys On-line Discount Code

    Now until September 5th JC Penneys is offering 15% off of any on-line purchase and 20% off of any on-line purchase of $100.00 or more. 
    The Discount Code is : LEISURE

    FunJet Vacations Discount Code!

    Funjet Vacations is offering $550.00 off reservations made over the Labor Day weekend! 
    The code is : ULTRALABOR

    Free Lagoon Passes and a little pocket money can be yours!

    Amusement park photo compliments of

    Have you ever wondered who operates Lagoon for the month or so before school is out?  You know, when the children have school Lagoon days?  It's stay at home parents!
    One of the best kept secrets in Davis County for stay at home parents is Lagoon's pre-season/school day employment.  These special employees work a few hours each day staffing Lagoon for school field trips.  Employees receive wages, which is fine for pocket money; however, the real incentive is free season passes for your family.
    Yes, you read correctly, free season passes for your family.

    In a few months, Lagoon will begin accepting on-line applications.  DO NOT call or stop by.  Lagoon no longer has hiring fairs; applications are only accepted on-line.  Positions fill quickly.

     If you are interested in Lagoon's school days employment positions visit:

    Thursday, September 1, 2011

    Pack your bags! One of the best deals on airfare to Honolulu I have seen in years!

    Travelocity FareWatcher Plus- Airfare from Salt Lake City to Honolulu $356.00 USD

    If you love Lagoon Amusement Park and live in Davis County tomorrow's post is one you won't want to miss!

    Discount coupon code for

    What do you do when you have a foot shaped like a banana?
    You shop at

    I have a confession.  I have a foot shaped like a banana.  Yes, a banana.  It is long and extremely narrow...would you believe a size 10 with a 2A heel?  As a result, I have always had difficulty finding cute shoes that fit; that is until I was told by my friend Lora R. about carries a wide selection of shoes in many different sizes, widths, colors, and styles.  If you are in need of a pair of shoes check out   They are having a great end of summer sale and to make things even sweeter here's a code that will get you an additional 25% off already discounted shoes and free shipping to boot!  (No pun intended)

    Extra 25% off sale shoes code: 25SALE

    Free Snowboarding Gear Sponsored by Transworld magazine!

    My son Adam catching some air on Mount Hood this summer.

    Transworld magazine is once again doing great things for snowboarders with their TW 30 Days of Giveaways!  For the entire month of September some lucky guys and gals will win a daily prize.  You must enter daily for the chance to win snowboards, boots, clothing and even a Lake Tahoe vacation for up to 10 of your buddies!  Be sure to let me know if you win.

    Here's the link:

    Reduced Admission to the Utah State Fair!

    Deseret Deals is offering a 40% off discount on the price of two admission tickets to the Utah State Fair.
    While you are at the Utah State Fair  drop in and say hi.  Trent and I will be demonstrating helpful provident living skills on September 9th from 1-3 and on September 10th from 5-7.  The topics to be covered are:  The bag meal system of food storage, how to build your own emergency hands free washing station, sprouting, how to build a home-made sprouting system, cooking with grains, and how to make homemade dairy. 

    Hope to see you all at the Utah State Fair!