Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Ed Kenley Ford Quick Lane A Great Place for Car Repairs

Growing up I was taught by my parents never to take a car to a dealership for repairs.  My parents said they were over priced.  I believed them...that is until this week. 

My car needed an oil change.  Ed Kenley Ford Quick Lane had the best price for a synthetic blend oil change ($19.95).   In fact, they beat the price I normally pay for an oil changed by $20.00.

Later in the week my car battery died and Trent found the best deal for an installed battery at Ed Kenley Ford Quick Lane.  The price was about $20.00 less than the lowest priced competitor. The employees were courteous and professional to boot!

Two days ago our son's Subaru began to leak anti-freeze.  Trent thought it was the water pump.  He called around and guess where he found the best price?  Ed Kenley Ford Quick Lane.  The price was $50.00 less than the lowest priced competitor. 

Now for the unheard in this day and age.  While working on the water pump the mechanic discovered a leaking gasket on the thermostat and  a problem with the timing belt tensioner.  Believe it or not, they repaired the timing belt tensioner and the leaking gasket for free!  The only additional charge was $2.00 for the gasket.  No labor charges! 
Next time you need car repairs check out your local dealership; you just might be surprised!
In fact, if you live in Davis County, I would definitely check out Ed Kenley Ford Quick Lane:

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