Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Need Stucco Repair?

Our home had stucco damage and required some patch work; our realtor told us about Kevin Berube.
Kevin came out and gave us a bid.  Two days later he was here to do the repairs.  The repairs look good and the color match is excellent on the stucco but the lower cement/stucco is a little off.  He warned us before he started that the lower section near the soil would be the hardest to match due to sun, soil and weathering.  Fair enough.

We had about 6 areas that were fixed with the largest being a 1' x 2" section.  He even found some other repairs and didn't increase his bid. Total cost $100.00!  If you need a stucco repair and live in Davis or Weber County, Utah you should call Kevin for a bid;  801-603-5929 we're glad we did.

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  1. I remember when our neighbors needed stucco repair. You could see the metal mesh behind fractured stucco. They got everything fixed, and the home looks lovely now. advancedwallsystems.co