Saturday, March 9, 2013

I have been a busy gal lately!

First of all, I want to thank all of you that stopped by and said "Hi" at the Barnes and Noble Authorpalooza book signing.  It was so much FUN!

In case you missed my Baked Corned Beef segment on Good Things Utah. Here's a link:

Baked Corned Beef

And here's my Blue Ribbon Cheese Cake segment on Daily Dish Here's the link:

Blue Ribbon Cheese Cake
If you have any questions about either recipe, let me know.  Oh, here's another little tip for you, I use the same glaze, that I use on my baked corned beef, on my baked hams. 

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  1. How fun that you were on tv! I have to say, you certainly did NOT look fat on there, you looked beautiful, young, and awesome! By the way, 176 pounds for your height just doesn't seem too big! Next time I see you I want to talk about this, lol. Mostly because that is about my goal weight, and I would be so excited to weigh 170. I'm about 5 ft 10. :) Love you Michelle!! A. Larson