Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Thanksgiving Tradition for Kids!

For years while the adults were busy making Thanksgiving dinner the children were busy making cute little turkey favors.  This has been a tradition for years.  One year I thought the kids, who were now teenagers, had had enough of making their annual turkey favors.  I WAS WRONG!  My nieces threw a fit and wanted to know where the turkey making fixings were.  I explained I thought they had out grown that activity.  They said okay; but, I felt their disappointment.

This Thanksgiving all of our family will be able to make it to our home, even our adult children, nieces, and a fiance will be here!  So as I thought about all of the fun things we did over the years I knew we had to make the famous turkey favors!  These are simple little favors that even toddlers can make.

Here's how you make one turkey.
2 Oreo cookies
5 candy corn
1 malt ball
Chocolate frosting

Step 1:  Place a glob of frosting on the back section of a cookie.  Carefully place the other cookie in the glob of frosting so that the cookie is perpendicular to the bottom cookie.

Step 2- Spread frosting on one of the cookies and arrange candy corn on the frosting.  This will be the turkey's tail feathers.

Step 3- Right the cookie and place a glob of frosting to towards the front of the undecorated cookie.  Place the malt ball in the frosting.

Step 4- Break off the white portion of the remaining candy corn.  Dip the broken off edge of the candy corn in some frosting and place it on the malt ball.  This is the turkey's beak.


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