Thursday, November 3, 2011

Challenge for the Bag Lady, create a teenage party bag meal

Recently, I was asked to come up with a bag meal recipe for a teenage party. I asked if it had to be nutritious or if it could just be a typical American teenage diet of high sugar, high fat, high preservatives and of course who can forget, high salt.  They said, "Skip nutrition! This is something my teenager wants."'s what I came up with.  I even taste tested it on my teenager and he liked it. 

Place the following in your bag:
1 pint home canned ground beef
1-14.5 oz. can chili beans in western style sauce
1- jar of Frito brand nacho cheese dip
1- bag tortilla chips
1- bag of Sour patch kids, mini candy bars etc.
4- Sodas
Place as many cans of your teenager's favorite soda into the bag as will fit, I could fit four.  The problem was the chips.  I couldn't get everything in the bag including the chips so I just sat the bag of chips on top of the bag.  So I guess it becomes a two handed bag meal!?!

All I did for the nachos was heat the ground beef, chili beans including sauce and nacho cheese dip in a pot.  Once the mixture was hot I spooned the nacho sauce over the tortilla chips. 

Top the nachos with chopped tomatoes, black olives, lettuce, sour cream and avocado if you happen to have some in your fridge.

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