Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A clean and easy way to dice an avocado

The other day I was dicing an avocado in front of some guests and the women marveled at my technique.  They said it was clean, fast and easy.  Some even said that they don't eat avocados because of the hassel factor.  I was stunned. I thought everyone diced an avocado the way I do it; but, apparently these ladies do not.

Step 1- Slice the avocado in half.  Twist the two halves a quarter of a turn and lift.  The pit will be in one half and the other half will look like the picture below.

Step 2- Stick the pit with a knife and pluck it out.  Be careful, I have flung a stubborn avocado pit across my kitchen a time or two.  It's kind of fun when this happens because the family livens up a bit when the pit smacks against the pantry doors.

Step 3- Slice the avocado flesh vertically and horizontally.

Step 4- Take a soup spoon and slide the edge between the flesh and the avocado skin.

Step 5- Scoop the flesh following the contour of the skin.

Step 6- When done properly you will have little or no flesh adhered to the skin of the avocado.

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