Monday, November 7, 2011

About two weeks ago we picked our green tomatoes. Here's what they look like now,


My experiences with green tomatoes:
  1. Pick your green tomatoes before the first frost or snow storm, which ever comes first.
  2. Pick all tomatoes that are at least medium sized. 
  3. Small underdeveloped tomatoes will not be juicy enough and typically shrivel up.
  4. Green tomatoes with a blush of color ripen the best.
  5. Green tomatoes that ripen have less flavor and are not as juicy vine ripened.
  6. I have never had good luck with green cherry tomatoes.
  7. Any tomatoes with soft spots or blemishes will develop mold.  I know it is difficult; but, throw them in your compost pile!
  8. Store your green tomaotes in a cool place.
  9. Place green tomatoes on sheets of newspaper or in a cardboard box covered with newspapers.  I usually cover with at least 3-4 sheets.
  10. You want to use newspaper because I have been told that the ink has antibacteria/fungal/yeast etc. properties which reduce spoilage. (I haven't researched the ink properties but it is what I do anyway, because my grandma said too.)
  11. Check tomatoes every couple of weeks for ripe, moldy, or shriveled ones.
  12. After removing tomatoes be sure to cover them up with the newspapers so the ripening gases will not escape and they can do their job!
  13. The longest I have had shelf ripened green tomatoes was the second week of December.
  14. Here's a simple recipe for fried green tomatoes- Whisk eggs and milk together. On a plate mix corn meal and flour together; about a handful of each works well.  Salt and pepper to taste. Dip thickly sliced green tomatoes in egg mixture then dredge in flour mixture and fry in butter.  Sweet chili sauce and ranch dressing make nice condiments!

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