Thursday, October 27, 2011

Where I stay when I travel...

Kimpton Hotels!  (No, I am not paid by Kimpton.  In fact, none of my blog postings are sponsored.) Anyway, if you like Kimptons or if you want to try out a Kimpton Hotel near you here's a great deal.  This is their once a year sale; every hotel room is drastically reduced starting price is $99.00, that's about 66% off the normal best rate.
  • Starting price $99.00 a night
  • Must book before October 30th
  • Good for hotel weekend bookings through January 31, 2012
Want another secret tip?  If you decide to dine at a Kimpton Restaurant say, "nutmeg" and you will receive a complimentary appetizer.  Trent and I like Kimpton Restaurant food and you may too!

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