Thursday, October 13, 2011

NOW is the time to buy winter squash

Winter squash stored on wood boards in a cool place will last for 5-6 months!

Every fall, after we harvest our winter squash, I calculate how many more I will need to get us through the winter.  This year I need 20. As you have probably guessed, I eat squash several times a week. To store winter squash, such as butternut, acorn, carnival, spaghetti, hubbard, turbin, buttercup, banana etc., all you need to do is place wood boards in on the cement in your cold storage room, for us this is a 16 x 4 foot space in our basement under our front porch, and put the squash on top of the boards.  Do not cover the squash. 

Our squash last through the winter until March or April.  Any squash that is beginning to change in texture I cook up and freeze so that we don't waste.  Remember, store what you eat and eat what you store and you will save money, time, and effort!

Winter squash is on sale this week for 0.69 cents a pound at most associated food grocery stores. In 2010, the lowest price for winter squash was 0.69 cents a pound.  I am speculating that this will be the lowest price of the season.  Yesterday I bought 20 squash and they were beautiful and locally grown.

For my Kaysville followers, in the above picture you will see a 25 pound bag of onions next to the squash.  Bowman's has 25 pounds of yellow onions for $3.99!  $3.99 is the price I recently paid for 3 pounds of onions.  These are locally grown onions, they are small but regardless of their size, they are worth it for the price and flavor!  I buy them every year and they hold up well in my cold storage room.

Also, yesterday at the Harmons in Farmington they had the most beautiful, plump, and fully dressed roaster chickens for 0.99 cents a pound.  It was a managers special and they looked like mini turkeys!  I have enough chickens in my freezer so I didn't buy any; however, it was tempting to say the least.

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