Saturday, October 15, 2011

Chick Talk

Rachel, Adam and Grandma V. loving the Gold Sex Linked hen chicks

Did you know you can make a chicken go broody?  I didn't until I was faced with a difficult situation.  As many of you know, a few days ago I received my order of 1 day old chicks.  I was very excited; however, this is the wrong time of the year to raise chicks.  My chick order was 8 weeks back ordered.  What to do?  Well, I thought I would attempt to make one of our 4 hens go broody (Broody is a slang term for a hen that is setting on eggs, fertile or not.)

I bought a dozen eggs and placed them in the nesting box.  I then waited, said prayers, and in 4 days one of my hens took on the responsibility of hatching those eggs.  Yes, she went broody!  Two days later the chicks arrived in the mail.

Here's what I did next, I separated the other hens from the broody one (Chickens are highly territorial and often times kill other hen's chicks)  Next, in the middle of the night I slipped the eggs out from under her and replaced them with chicks.  Viola!  I should mention that I also have a heat lamp in the coop and of course a chick feeder and waterer. 
P.S. Once the chicks are with the hen you must leave them alone or the hen may reject the chicks.

Rachel and Grandma V. getting some chickie love before being tucked under the hen.

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