Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Thinking outside the box for discount coupons

Just the other day we went to the doctor and he prescribed some medications, one of which was Advair, which is on the pricier side. Guess what I did? I asked my physician if the drug representatives had left him any discount coupons.

Why did I do that? Because in the past drug representatives would leave discount coupons with pharmacists; but, unfortunately that practice is dwindling; therefore, I speculated that the discount coupons must now reside with physicians. Sure enough, that's what's going on!

My physician gave me a fabulous discount coupon that reduced the price of the Advair by $50.00 and to top it off it was a revolving discount that would reduce all refills through December 31st by $50.00!

We have very good insurance coverage, but even with good insurance my medications were going to cost over $72.00. After using the discount coupon I walked out paying only $22.58 for both an antibiotic and the inhaler!

Here's another suggestion-
Talk to your doctor and tell him your situation in life. For example, my daughter is without insurance and came down with a horrible sinus infection. The medicine was going to cost several hundred dollars. Being a poor college student she doesn't have extra hundreds of dollars lying around. We told her physician that she did not have medical insurance and he went into the back room and came out with enough free samples for her needed course of treatment.
Last suggestion-
If you are on any along term medications ask your physician if there are any new medications that will treat your condition and that are offering promotions or discount coupons. Why do drug companies do this? To boost sales! This is a common practice when new drugs come on the market, or when older drugs are losing sales.

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