Friday, March 30, 2012

Chicken News!

Last fall with our new chicks.  Adam, Grandma, and Rachel loving the babies.
Some of you may remember the struggle we had with our chicks.  For those of you who don't, we ordered our chicks in the early summer and they didn't arrive until October.  This presented many problems for us with the biggest being cold weather. 
As I thought about the behavior of hens I decided to try and get one of my old layers to go broody.  Remember how I began placing hard boiled eggs in the nest each night and after I had about a dozen she went broody?  Then after a few weeks I removed the eggs and replaced them with my chicks in the middle of the night?
Well, the good news is that my baby chicks are all grown up and are now laying!  Yes, yesterday I checked the nest and there was a beautiful brown egg.  Talk about feeling like a proud parent! 
I told Adam about the shiny egg when he came home from his date and he looked at me and said, "Mom, they're chickens.  Chickens lay eggs.  What's the big deal?"  I said with a huge smile, "Yes,  but they were my babies and now they are all grown up!"  He went to bed and I muttered, "Maybe when you have kids of your own you'll understand."  He heard me and yelled from his room, "Mom, I hate to tell you but I'm never going to be weird and think chickens are my kids!"

Breakfast, courtesy of the chicks. Or perhaps I should say, "Breakfast, courtesy of the ladies!"
 Either way breakfast was delicious.

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