Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Savings at Shopko

Our cats have to eat Iams indoor weight and hairball control formula food.  If they don't eat Iams we pay dearly in a way that is not appropriate to write about...let's just say there is a gross outcome.  Shopko in Layton had an unadvertised special on Iams cat food.  I found it on the North facing end cap in the pet food section.  How good was the sale?  Fifty percent off of the $29.98 bag! 

 Here are a few helpful questions to ask yourself before purchasing a great deal.
1.  Is it really a good deal?
  • Beware of shopping frenzy (Picking something up just because other shoppers think it is a good deal.  I liken this to a shark feeding frenzy). 
  • You also need to be savey when it comes to discount tagging.  Sometimes a discount tag may be used on a product that was originally over priced.
2.  Is it something that we already use and like?
3.  How many do I already have on hand?
4.  How many do I need to meet our needs?
5.  What is the expiration date?
6.  How many will I use before the expiration date?

When I saw the cat food for such an unbelievable price I immediately went through my questions.
1.  Yes, it was a good deal.
2.  Yes, we already use it.
3.  I have two bags already in the pantry but they aren't going to expire for 6 months.
4.  I would like to have a year supply.
5.  The expiration date was"12 Oct 2011".
6.  I will be able to use two bags before they expire IF I use them before I open the bags I already have on hand.

 After seeing the expiration date I immediately knew why the Iams cat food was an unadvertised sale; it was going to expire in a few months.  Shopko wanted to at least break even rather than experience a loss due to product expiration. That was just fine with me because I determined that our cats would eat two bags by the first of November.  How many bags did I buy?  Two bags at an unbelievable price of $14.98 a bag!

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