Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Quick, easy and inexpensive dessert

Tonight Trent had a taste for fresh strawberry pie. This was not a problem because a few weeks ago there was an unadvertised sale on Keebler pie crusts for $0.59 each.  I purchased four crusts and put them in my pantry for later use.  I also had in my pantry four boxes of Junket Strawberry Swedish Pudding that I picked up at Walmart for $1.49 a box.  By the way, if you ever need to stock up on Junket Swedish Puddings Walmart always has the best price.  I also had a pint of whipping cream in my refrigerator that cost $1.00.
So off to the grocery store I went in search of one pound of fresh strawberries.  At Fresh Market I found strawberries on sale, two pounds for $3.99.  Not bad, but I also found an instore coupon which reduced the price to $3.00.  I only needed one pound and so I actually only spent $1.50 for the strawberries.  The total price for my husband's fresh strawberry pie was only $4.58.  Had I not used coupons and stocked up when I came across an unadvertised sale, tonight's pie would have cost my grocery budget $9.36 in ingredients!
Here's the recipe
1 ready made pie crust
1 box Junket Strawberry Swedish Pudding
1 3/4 cups cold water
1 pound strawberries, sliced
Sweetened whipping cream
Place water and pudding mix in a medium pot and cook over medium heat stirring constantly until a full boil is reached.  Stir for one minute longer.  Remove from pot and chill.  When pudding is cool add sliced strawberries.  Spoon into pie crust.  Top with sweetened whipping cream and serve.
Helpful tip-  In the interest of time and my husband's desire to have some fresh strawberry pie before bedtime, I sped up the cooling of the hot pudding by pouring the pudding in a 9 x 13 inch pan; thereby increasing the surface area and shortening the time that the pudding would normally require to cool if placed in a bowl.


  1. I'm shocked to know that you would use a purchased pie crust! Thanks for admitting it to the world!

  2. Michelle is having technical difficulties, but she says: "I actually giggled out loud when I read your comment! Yes, I do enjoy keebler's shortbread crust."