Tuesday, August 30, 2011

How to save BIG!

How would you like to buy a pair of $70.00 men's dress slacks for $1.79 and $40.00 swimming trunks for $0.47? Believe it or not, that is what I paid for a pair of Stafford men's twill pleated dress slacks and men's swimming trunks at JC Penney today. This is not some fluke deal that I happened to stumble on. I do it all of the time.
Here's how I do it. 
#1.  I keep a running list of items that each family member needs.  I place the list on the refrigerator so that family members can add to the list at will.  For instance, a few weeks agoTrent wrote that he needed a pair of black men's dress slacks and a pair of swimming trunks.
#2. When I leave to run my weekly errands I take my list with me just in case I come across a great deal.  I also take any coupons, same as cash coupons, gift cards etc.
#3.  I take note of end of season sales and sale cycles.  For example linens go on sale late August and early September.  Because I know the linen sale cycle I patiently wait and buy my linens for the year in September and combine them with coupons for maximum savings.  In case you are wondering, I am going to post traditional sale cycles in future entries.

Today, I happened to stop by the mall and found a great deal at JC Penneys.  I had two "no exclusions" coupons.  One was for 15% and another was for 20% off.  In addition to the percentage off coupons I also had three $10.00 same as cash coupons (total of $30.00).  I combined my coupons with a wonderful sale.  My total savings was $107.74. The total price for the slacks and swimming trunks after all of my coupons, including tax, was $2.41!

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