Saturday, January 26, 2013

Mr. Mower comes through and is FULL of surprises!

A few weeks ago, Utah was hit hard with a blizzard.  We tried to crank up our snow blower but all it did was leak gas out of the top.  We knew exactly who to call...MR. MOWER!  Remember the man who fixed our lawn mower after the wind storm?

Mr. Mower's service includes pick up so all we had to do was dial the phone.  Within a few hours of picking up the snow blower he called with a quote.  Mr. Mower told us it would be ready in 4 days, the cost would be $175.00 and would include a new carburetor among a list of other things.

Four days later, our snow blower was repaired and was purring like a kitten and retaining it's gasoline.  When it was time to pay the bill I thought there had been a mistake; the bill was only $105.00!  I pointed out the billing mistake and he reassured me that my bill was correct because once he got into it he found he could rebuild it and saved us some money.

You can imagine my surprise or perhaps shock would be a more appropriate word.  Fair pricing, quick service, and quality work, that's what we have experienced by calling Mr. Mower.

If you need any small engine repair consider Mr. Mower 801-678-0303. 

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